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DOKA Concepts is a strategic spatial concept development agency. We create space for positive change with places that tell your story.

We translate your DNA into a strong spatial experience by combining strategy with sensitivity. So that your brand story is told and, above all, felt.

We work for brands in the areas of food, fashion, (health)care, education, mindfulness and sustainability.

Spatial Branding

We design interiors with the essence of a brand or organization as a starting point. We call this Spatial Branding. We aim for much more than just beautiful or trendy. For more than just material or style. We tell your story. We build your brand. This is how we make the magical difference between entering a room or entering exactly the right feeling.

Bert Kozijn, rector Hermann Wesselink College

"Decorating a building really requires creativity and expertise, something we do not have in-house at HWC. The results are in line with who we are, but also offer more, namely deepening and strengthening the corporate identity that was already there. And that in a completely new building: an appealing result!"
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