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We tell your story

We design interiors with the essence of a brand or organization as a starting point. We call this Spatial Branding. We aim for much more than just beautiful or trendy. For more than just material or style. We tell your story. We build your brand. This is how we make the magical difference between entering a room or entering exactly the right feeling.


Brand Heart

We always attentively listen to your needs first. Who are you? What do you aim to achieve? How do you intend to make an impact? What are your values, the story you wish to convey, and to whom?


What we do:

  • brand identity

  • positioning

  • trend analysis

  • target group analysis

  • (stakeholder) workshops

Concept Development

We translate your essence into a coherent concept. A central theme on which we suspend and evaluate all choices.   ​


What we do:

  • concept development

  • strategy

  • programming

  • customer journey

  • look & feel


Interior Design

If you desire, we can work out all the details, including a layout plan, color palette, a plan for materials and furniture, and oversee the execution.


What we do:

  • layout plan

  • furnishing proposal

  • lighting proposal

  • materialization

  • colorplan

  • custom furniture

  • implementation guidance


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