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Pathé Tuschinski | Bar Abraham

What: A complete makeover of the art-house part of Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam, interior design for Bar Abraham.

The question: Give the foyer and three rooms of the art-house section a look and feel that perfectly matches the iconic Tuschinski theater, but is also unique and original.


Concept, Interior design


Pathé Theatres


Our concept: Shaken, not stirred!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a luxurious cocktail bar: warm, intimate, and jazzy. It's a place where you step into another world from the moment you arrive, even

before the film begins. A place where you'd want to linger for hours, inspired by the world of 1920s film stars, art deco, cocktails, and grandeur, all infused with a sleek contemporary twist.

“A visit to Pathé Tuschinski was already special, but the experience is now even more luxurious and authentic. Visitors really enjoy a complete evening out in the cocktail bar. Completely immersed in the grandeur of the historic theater.”

Doron Kurz, commercial director of Pathé

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