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LACH Mondzorg

Welcome to a dental practice like no other. At Mondzorgstudio Lach in Weesp, Amsterdam, we deliberately moved away from the conventional white dental aesthetic, crafting instead a warm and serene studio that prioritizes your well-being.


Concept, Interior design


LACH Mondzorg


A harmonious palette of calming coral and soothing blue seamlessly guides you from welcoming hospitality to professional dental care. The studio features a blend of calming coral and soothing blue tones, guiding you seamlessly from hospitality to professional dental care.

From the moment you step into the

waiting room, you'll be greeted by a host, not a traditional reception desk.


We've incorporated elements of biophilic design to enhance your comfort, such as round shapes, indirect lighting, and lush greenery. Plus a specially developed unique, soothing fragrance for a complete sensory experience.

"I am just a dentist, so I could never have come up with this design myself! If you are looking for good interior concept designers, I can definitely recommend the team of DOKA concepts. With a lot of patience and attention, Lisa and Sofie worked with us to realize our vision. Thank you for taking on the challenge with us."
Cheryl Tjon, Co-founder LACH Mondzorg
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