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Hermann Wesselink College

What: Interior design for the media library, care facilities, international room, media lab, canteen and studylounge

The question: a design for the pearls (International room, Media lab, Media library) and large spaces (Care department and Canteen incl. study lounge) within the new building of the Hermann Wesselink College. The aim is to give these spaces an attractive and more appropriate interpretation in line with the program of requirements.


Concept, Interior design


Hermann Wesselink College


Our concept is based on the positioning of the HWC. The large spaces serve as a secure foundation with welcoming accents that align with the school's 'open mind'

philosophy. The pearls aim to inspire and excite students through their striking design and inspiring messages.

"Decorating a building really requires creativity and expertise, something we do not have in-house at HWC. The results are in line with who we are, but also offer more, namely deepening and strengthening the corporate identity that was already there. And that in a completely new building: an appealing result!"

Bert Kozijn, rector Hermann Wesselink College
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