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Buscamper Nederland | Showroom

What: Interior design for the Buscamper Nederland showroom in Culemborg, one of the largest camper dealers in the country.

The Question: How can we transform a showroom filled with parked campers into an experience that evokes a holiday feeling and resonates perfectly with the target audience?


Concept, Interiordesign


Buscamper Nederland

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-06-09 om 10.59.39.png

The adventure starts here! Retirees, the most significant target group for Buscamper Nederland, are embarking on a new phase of their lives. For them, not only is a holiday an adventure, but so is their new lifestyle. And it literally begins in the showroom.

It's all about holidays, carefree adventures, service, and relaxation. Showroom visitors can wander among the campers, enjoy a drink at a picnic table, gather information at the service square, take a break under an olive tree, or engage in a game of pétanque. Let the adventure begin!

"We receive compliments from customers every day about our showroom. Every detail is correct, and as a whole, it's impeccable. Consequently, you often hear visitors exclaiming, 'Wow, beautiful, wow.' DOKA concepts listens to who you are and what you want, avoiding the creation of standard concepts."
Ralph Ramdhani, CEO Buscamper Nederland
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