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Artis | Offices and Lecture Hall

What: Interior design for offices and lecture hall

The request: The offices for employees and a lecture hall are located in the former rice warehouse and also a national monument "De Volharding" in ARTIS. The offices were outdated, and the request was to design a new interior that aligns with the DNA of ARTIS.


Concept, Interiordesign




Rappange & Partners Architecten

Artis interieur 5.jpg

For the design of the offices and the lecture hall, we initially looked at the historical color usage. We have reintroduced this, combined with a modern twist that aligns with the core values of ARTIS. In doing so, we took into account the sustainability vision by incorporating

materials such as bamboo. Additionally, many ARTIS elements, including old posters, can be found throughout the interior.

The new office aligns with both the DNA of ARTIS and the history of the monumental building.

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