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Pathé City | Amsterdam

What: Interior design for seven cinema halls at City Bioscoop Amsterdam.

The Question: How can we give the interior of the 85-year-old City Cinema a fresh look while preserving its unique identity and rich history?


Concept, Interior design


Pathé Theatres

20-315-0527zaal7 (1).jpg

The remarkable building, its location on Leidseplein, the exterior lighting, and neon letters all contribute to City Cinema's unique and distinctive identity. It's anything but your average, run-of-the-mill cinema. The building exudes a strong sense of individuality. Here, we aim to provide a genuine evening out, an experience that should be reflected in the interior.

Each cinema room has its own distinct ambiance, depending on its size. Plush velvet on the chairs in the smaller rooms creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. The larger halls feature a modern, playful fabric. However, every aspect still contributes to an overall sense of sophistication and a complete, all-encompassing experience.

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